The new Tardis design

Posted 28 April 2010 | Fuel Studio, Inspiration, News | 0 comments

Our New Custom Desk

The great guys at Surface Interiors helped us design and build an awesome tabe for the studio. Working in conjunction with Andy at Avalanche, Tony and the team from Surface Interiors created a custom piece for us in record time!

I was inspired by ‘The TARDIS’ from that great TV series ‘Doctor Who’. I was brought up with the likes of John Pertwee running around the TARDIS work station, saving toe world from the Dalek invasion. The shape and form seem to work for him, so I based the studio desk arrangement around the same central communication hub concept.

Built in our corporate colours (orange of course), the table is designed to be communal and makes it so much easier for us to communicate to each other about projects. It’s so easy to share ideas and notes in this setup, it’s great! It also allows the studio to grow in size as we can now fit in more people into the same space.

It looks really impressive in real life, so why not pop down and check it out (and get to know us!)

** We’re also recreating the Surface Interiors site to make it SEO compatible and friendly, as well as building in a CMS system for the guys so they can easily update their website whenever they complete a new project. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated. :)

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