Packaging design

Fuel Studio understands the ‘pick me up’ attraction of really great packaging design concepts. From beer labels to food packaging design…

We get to know your product, its customers and your aspirations before we work to produce exciting three dimensional packaging design and point of sale solutions with cool packaging appeal.

Unlike traditional graphic design, great creative packaging needs to work on multiple senses. First catching the eye to provoke curiosity then establishing an emotional response using a combination of colour, form, image and pattern, strong packaging design branding to create a desire to pick the product up.

A secondary level to the visual, is how the packaging design and product looks in mass on a shelf.

The next sense is feel. How will your cool product packaging design feel to the touch, as you move it around in your hands whilst you explore its contents.

And then finally, what is the call to action that will ensure that creative packaging helps the product moves from hand to purchase?

We love working with people like you, with the vision and spirit to bring something new and exciting to the market place. We know this feeling well, because we have also created products and understand the buzz of watching people picking up your packaging, making an informed decision to place it into the basket and buy.

We know how to cut through the visual clutter and deliver packaging that stands out from the has beens and wannabes.

For the best in package design Melbourne Give us a call today to find out how we can give your product more shelf appeal.

Talk to us about your FMCG packaging requirements, if you need a beer label, coffee packaging designs or innovative packaging design ideas.

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