Turn your emails into Marketing opportunities!

CLICKMAIL turns outbound employee email into your most trusted marketing and media channel, by inserting Interactive Banners, Signatures and Disclaimers. It enables you to run targeted, centrally controlled marketing campaigns to the recipient of your employees’ corporate emails.

Email is the primary form of communication used in business and private life. A steady stream of email messages are being sent from your business every day and they are going to a wide range of targets: Existing customers, Suppliers, Family, Friends and sometimes strangers.

You just need to take a look at your own sent box at the end of the day to see all the possible chances you had to send a non interruptive, branded marketing message to someone who is ether expecting your email or is open to receiving your email.
With open rates of over 98% and average unique click-through rates of 10%, your CLICKMAIL enabled emails can:

• Increase sales by driving targeted traffic to your website

• Send targeted offers and promotions using everyday business email

• Cross-sell products and services using multiple banners

• Increase sales using branded confirmation and transactional email

• Track and measure lead-generation from everyday business email

• Improve conversion and click-through rates

Download our CLICKMAIL pdf to find out more.

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