Parker Brent Logo development

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Parker Brent Branding

Avalanche have recently completed the rebranding of Parker Brent Institute, an education centre who train and qualify staff for industries. Recently they’ve moved their focus towards the construction industry and wanted a refresh of their brand to work with their new company vision.
We took to the drawing board and after a few versions, came up with this colourful geometric look. Very architectural. Very ‘Melbourne’, you may say!

In other news, did you see the Chinese imitation of the Melbourne logo?


Parker Brent Branding and Stationary



Roy A McDonald & Lindale Insurance

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Lindale Insurance & Roy A McDonald Logo

We’ve recently revamped the Roy A Mcdonald and Lindale Logos.

They are owned by the same company but each company focusses on different aspects of business finance. We kept aspects of the old logos and unified the two through colour and type. More print work to come.


Australian Mustang and Ford, Issue 3

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Issue 3 of Australian Mustang and Ford Magazine was released Mid March, so I hope you’ve all had a chance to head down to your local newsagent and grab yourself a copy! Featuring a heap of Ford and Mustang goodness, feature cars, show scene covers, car builds, how to’s, plus more. Remember you can subscribe at the AMFM Magazine website.


Victorian Bar News 150

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Magazines are always great jobs. They often start off as a simple publication but the end result is often a totally different beast. Issue #150 of Victorian Bar News was a great example. By the end of the project, it had doubled in size and even merged with a smaller internal publication!

Our challenge as designers was to collate all the data from many different authors and present it in an appealing and consistent voice. To make it easier to read/digest, we introduced different colour sections for each area, with consistent headings. Each section was broken into easy to read chunks of text and images, with clear fonts and layouts.

It was well received at Vic Bar and we look forward to doing the next issue!


Custom Australian Stationery

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Blue Wren Note Card Set

Recently we got to design a range of environmentally friendly stationery for a local client! This image is from the card set, more images to come soon!

Created from post consumer recycled board and paper and printed with vegetable inks, this beautiful range is a great gift for that special lady. The Journals have a linen feel to the covers, with stitching detail, embossing, foil accents and a little bird charm, and the rest of the range is embossed with bronze foil accents.

The design features Australian native birds (Male and Female splendid blue wren) and Australian grasses (eg. kangaroo grass) which makes it ideal as an Australian souvenir, or even just and everday gift!

All are packaged in biodegradable corn starch packaging.


• A5 Journal (with pocket, stickers and bird charm),

• A6 Journal (with pocket, stickers and bird charm),

• Card Set (Envelopes, letter paper, stickers, gift cards),

• Slim Memo (with magnet)

• Mini Memo Pad

• Sticky Notes

Ps. If you’d like to buy from them, visit their website here: www.thelinenpress.com.au


Christmas 2010

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Merry Creative Christmas from Fuel Studio and Seasons Greetings from the new look Hornet Press!

Christmas Cards 2010


Sneak peek at Issue 2 of Australian Mustang and Ford Magazine

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Lucky readers, you get the first glimpse of the new cover for Australian Mustang and Ford. Fresh off rave reviews from Issue 1, we now bring you Issue 2, which is full of great stories and coverage from the Australian Mustang and Ford scene. :)

It is at the printers as we speak, and is due at your local newsagent on the 31st of December!

Front cover of Issue 2


Available at your local newsagents now!

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The first issue of the Avalanche Created ‘Australian Mustang & Ford Magazine’ is hot of the press and available at your local newsagents (if you local to Australia)

ErnMei worked as hard as a V8 super car to get this publication ready for the printers and on time for her month long trip to Japan. The results speak for themselves and the feedback from the readers has been fantastic!
Here are just a few of the comments left on http://mustang.org.au/forum/

I just got my copy, a great mag and some familiar cars too. I’ll be queuing up for the next issue.

Just got a copy today and have been glued to it for 3 hours, not a slow reader just don’t want it to end. My wife is wanting help to prepare for our boys party????????

Looks great. I have just gotten home with my copy and about to read it.

Definatly a good Mag though, I hope it is a success the guy behind it has put in some serious thought & effort in to make it happen. He deserves all the rewards that it will hopefully bring.
Cant wait for Issue no 2.

I’ve been to my news agent 3 times and they know nothing about it…I WANT 1…….. :cry:


NEW Australian Mustang and Ford Magazine

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Australian Mustang and Ford Magazine

Shhh! Just for Avalanche Blog readers, we have a sneak peek at the cover of a new magazine that Fuel Studio is developing in conjunction with Performance Media Works! The new Australian Mustang and Ford magazine full of eye candy for lovers of Mustangs and Fords. It will feature some awesome car modifications, write-ups, event calendars, how-tos, specialist directories, and lots and lots of images for all you enthusiasts.

Stay tuned!

Australian Mustang and Ford Magazine website in progress.


Michelle Lanigan Real Estate

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The new signboard for Michelle Lanigan Real Estate is now up!

When we were asked to design a signboard, we looked at the original branding and were uninspired, feeling there was no value in building on a brand that didn’t encapsulate what Michelle was about. The rest of Boronia was also uninspired as the old signboard would be regularly defaced and drawn on!

Andy created a fresh new logo and colour palette that was bright and friendly. Friendly fonts and curved lines indicate that commercial real estate shouldn’t be the cold, grey industry that it’s sometimes portrayed to be! Sometimes it’s just the little things that make all the difference!

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