Patons Easter Crunch

Patons are better know for their chocolate enrobed Macadamia nuts and predominantly sell through airport tourist locations across the globe. The easter egg direction was a strategic marketing opportunity to break into the high street retail position.

Packaging three eggs

The great thing about Easter egg packaging is the creative excess that this product experience allows. We know that the box is actually more expensive than the product contained inside and normal rules of packaging considerations don’t apply. It’s all about perceived value.

The marketing issues were these were three very different flavoured eggs. There would always be a most or least favourite taste; one person’s chocolate orange is another person’s poison.

The problem of putting three eggs in a row, is the order of the lineup. So we created an ‘anyway up’ solution that’s randomised by the mechanics of packing and unpacking to the shelves. This negates the favourite flavour problem. In addition to this, the packs can be stacked to create an imposing POS display.

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