IN8 wellness direct mail marketing

IN8 wellness run health awareness seminars and workshops for medium to large companies. Their mission is to create a paradigm shift in health for their clients, moving them towards a happier, healthier and more productive life.
Avalanche’s job was to create an awareness campaign via a website and backed by a direct marketing program. The website was informative, acting as a consultant, while the sales were generated through a telesales team.

No one likes telemarketers, so we decided to ‘prime’ our target with a memorable direct marketing mailer. Again junk mail is both invasive and wasteful with only an average 2% strike rate. So we set ourselves a challenge to far exceed the average.

We used some basic psychology and predictive human nature to ensure our mailer was both opened by the intended target and remembered for long enough to be an opener for the telesales team. The convincing medical envelope marked “X-Rays enclosed”, would ensure that it would be passed directly to the target without interception from their PA.
The predictive human nature was that the target would pull out the x-ray and immediately hold it up to the light. At this point the intended target is rendered confused and possibly in a heightened emotional state as their full focus is now on the enclosed message. Then comes the ‘got you’ moment!

Was this mailer cruel? Maybe.
Was it risky? Possibly.
Was it memorable? Definitely.
The campaign was an absolute success.


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