Branding and Packaging for Bynorm

The Brief: Fuel Studio was invited to review the BYNORM range, identify any issues with the wholesale packaging and create a brand identity to build a share in the growing retail market. The brand update strategy developed a stronger awareness in the wholesale market and enabled BYNORM to place product in Mitre 10 retail outlets.

Business outline: Bynorm has been an Australian-owned business for almost 50 years, offering quality outdoor power equipment replacement parts and accessories for the Australian and New Zealand market. The arrival of global competition and cheaper parts from China saw Bynorm lose its number one share of the market, down to number five. The company’s previously strong position had led to complacency around maintaining a strong and consistent brand.

Our findings: The Bynorm range is extensive and the branding of some of the slower turnover products was almost 30 years old. The whole range was inconsistent, resembling a visual history of the brand’s development including almost every shade of ‘Bynorm blue’.

The Fuel Studio solution: Initially we defined the ‘Bynorm blue’ to create the cornerstone of the branding for both retail and wholesale arms of the business. Bynorm was keen to increase brand visibility as well as develop strong brand recognition in retail markets such as Mitre 10.

Defining the difference: To the retail customer, trimmer lines are all pretty much the same. And they are essentially correct. With no real product differentiation you are left with price or value. Not wanting to touch the bottom line, we created visually rich packaging that conveyed quality.

Perception is truth: The competition has in general, simply adapted its wholesale packaging to retail sizes. Avalanche recognised that retail customers have a simple truth - they don’t always know what they need for the task. So we need to help make the buying decision easy and fast.
For the retail end user, gardening is about sunny weekends and perfectly manicured lawns. In contrast, the branding for Bynorm’s wholesale ‘Contractors Choice’ represents power and strength priming the perception of “this is the contractor’s choice…. it must be good”

The results: The Bynorm retail range of trimmer lines and fuel cans visually commands the shelves at Mitre 10 and has now been adopted in the USA by the new owners Ariens.

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