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The Brief: C&I Projects approached Fuel Studio to create a memorable exhibition stand with marketing material for the Avalon Air Show. This was a particular creative challenge to inform and promote C&I Projects Law and IP services in such a dynamic and exciting backdrop of this show.

Business outline: The C&I Projects Group is a specialist corporate advisory firm and leader in industry development and strategic economic advisory Services for both the defence and civil sectors. The group’s capabilities are relevant to parties tendering for DMO and other major government procurement contracts, meeting AIC, State industry participation, and global supply chain requirements, or wishing to use Australian industry relationships as a strategic tool for improved market entry and competitive advantage.

Our findings: The first task for Fuel Studio was the same as for almost every new client: to define the core element of the day to day business. C&I Projects has a very complex array of services that is very hard to convey in one simple message. But essentially it is in the business of keeping secrets.

The Fuel Studio solution: We took the concept of ‘being in the business of keeping secrets’ and expanded it to create a level of intrigue that made law and IP services seem sexy in the setting of roaring jets and military hardware. The creative team put together a ‘Top Secret’ marketing pack, consisting of black and white covert photos and case study data sheets highlighting each team member’s strengths and experience. All the different elements were packed in a manila folder stamped ‘CONFIDENTIAL’ which was then sealed in a large, highly visable, silver foil Mylar bag.

Creating the difference: Trade show visitors just love to go from stand to stand, collecting marketing material that they will probably never look at again. We decided to circumvent this behavior by manning the stand with a 6’6” security guard, dressed like an American special agent, with black suit and ear piece. The big Mylar package attracted a lot of attention, but before anyone could own one, they were questioned by ‘our guy’ to validate whether they had the right credentials to justify the handover of ‘Confidential’ documents.

Perception is truth: Scarcity creates desire and the C&I marketing pack became a must-have take home from the show. The event was not only a success, it was a lot of fun and created just the right kind of attention.
The results: Since this initial project, we have produced a multitude of marketing materials for C&I Projects; from website design through to sponsored golf events.

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