Your it! Brands with character.

Posted 26 July 2012 | Brand development | | 0 comments

your it cartoon character

For most people, Information Technology is a complete mystery. that when it goes off the rails, can leave the unanitiated feeling confused and frustrated. So when Avalanche were approached by ‘Your Local I.T’ to create a fresh new brand that would appeal to families and small businesses, we took a sideways look at the public perception of I.T problem solving.

Gremlins in the machine, Glitches and Bugs! These are the words used to explain those mystifying errors that happen to your essential gadgets. Most people don’t understand what DATA services are, they don’t want to think about Hosted PBX options. No-techi folk just need to know that when something stops working, there is a friendly whizz nearby that is happy to fix up, set up or generally help out.

So Avalanche created IT! Well actually it is Your IT. So now you no longer need to think about all those tricky little settings, because your friendly little fluffy IT is always happy to help. The character was created by our in-house cartoon illustrator and Creative director ( Andy Warrington )  while the graphic design was the work of ET ( no not the other little green man РErya Tung )



cartoons and branding


How your Branding works for your business.

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Great branding can be the very reason why clients and customers prefer doing business with you, over your competitors. Your brand encapsulates your companies values, personality, attributes and characteristics.
It tells the enquiring prospect who you are, what you do, who you do it for as well as what makes you different from the rest. In essence your brand should act as an attractor and filter to help you do business with the style of customers who will be good for your business.

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