3 tips to getting noticed on Google!

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location, location, location!
If your business is like most, it will have a finite geographic target area from where the majority of you business is done. I know, we all like to think that the World is available to us, so why limit your vision to one location. Working on your websites content to target a few local areas can give you the SEO edge over the competition and push you up that golden Google ladder.

Getting found on Google
Location 1: A good place to start is in your own backyard. Make sure that you business is on Google maps (Link) You will need to have a Google account, so once you set one up, go into your account and spend some time filling out the online form. It’s very important to use the kind of keywords that prospective leads would use to find your business and services on a Google search.
This SEO tip works very well because when ever someone does a local search (i.e. Web Design Boronia) Google uses it’s map feature to list all the local services in that area. This can lift you above all the competition without spending one single Adword dollar.
You could also ask happy customers to leave feedback on the review page. This may push your listing higher within the location list.

Location 2: Geotags! Ok this is a new one on me, but we are currently testing it out and results are positive. It seems to work in the same way as Google maps, by giving search engines your global position. You will probably get better organic rankings for localized search requests. The theory being that a search for ‘web design’ by someone located in Boronia, will show the same kind of results as ‘web design boronia’. You can get your ‘GeoTags’ from this website by typing in your address.

Location 3: Putting a location within a webpage heading is an easy, yet very effective way to tell Google and potential customers that the information on a page is relevant to their local search. As an example: if I want to sell more ‘Widgets‘ to customers in ‘Boronia‘ then I would firstly add content to the page that refers to Widgets in Boronia and then name the page something like ‘Widgets for all your widget needs in Boronia’.
Now when someone in Boronia searches for local widget or Widgets Boronia, Google will put your Widgets page before your competitors page that talks about Widgets in Victoria.

Google is like a monster oil tanker that takes a very long time to change direction, so don’t expect instant results. You should take a snap shot of where you are on Google today. Test and measure times can be as long as 6 weeks to take effect.


Mountain Health

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Mountain Health Website

Recently we updated the logo and website for a local health food store in Ferntree Gully – Mountain Health.  The logo is based on an old hand painted sign on the window which you can still see on the actual store in Mountain Gate Shopping Centre.

Their new health foods website has been built as an information portal to have lots of handy information regarding natural medicine and health. The Mountain Health girls will regularly update the website with tips on healthy living with the first post tipped to be on Stress (something we all suffer from!! As a bonus, if you sign up to their e-newsletter, you’re eligible for specials and discounts from their store!

The Mountain Health website has been built in WordPress, a simple Content Management System which means the girls will be able to update it quickly and easily whenever they like.

We do give training for our WordPress websites and teach you how to update it yourselves. Don’t be alarmed as no prior experience is needed, it’s a bit like Microsoft Word, but with more features. :)

If you’re interested in a similar solution give us a call on 03 9761 0122 today!


E.T. joins us in the studio

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The gorgeous (and slightly crazy) E. T. (Erya) joins us in the studio this year! She’s full of life, very fun and a great designer! Keep an eye out for her and her work!



Hornet Press Rebrand

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Hornet Press have refreshed their brand identity to reflect their green commitment and australian heritage.
Using an infinity symbol doubling as the hornet wings, we used a multitude of colours to create movement.
We hope you like it! Keep an eye out for more Hornet corporate stationery soon.

hornet's new look


Available at your local newsagents now!

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The first issue of the Avalanche Created ‘Australian Mustang & Ford Magazine’ is hot of the press and available at your local newsagents (if you local to Australia)

ErnMei worked as hard as a V8 super car to get this publication ready for the printers and on time for her month long trip to Japan. The results speak for themselves and the feedback from the readers has been fantastic!
Here are just a few of the comments left on http://mustang.org.au/forum/

I just got my copy, a great mag and some familiar cars too. I’ll be queuing up for the next issue.

Just got a copy today and have been glued to it for 3 hours, not a slow reader just don’t want it to end. My wife is wanting help to prepare for our boys party????????

Looks great. I have just gotten home with my copy and about to read it.

Definatly a good Mag though, I hope it is a success the guy behind it has put in some serious thought & effort in to make it happen. He deserves all the rewards that it will hopefully bring.
Cant wait for Issue no 2.

I’ve been to my news agent 3 times and they know nothing about it…I WANT 1…….. :cry:


NEW Australian Mustang and Ford Magazine

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Australian Mustang and Ford Magazine

Shhh! Just for Avalanche Blog readers, we have a sneak peek at the cover of a new magazine that Fuel Studio is developing in conjunction with Performance Media Works! The new Australian Mustang and Ford magazine full of eye candy for lovers of Mustangs and Fords. It will feature some awesome car modifications, write-ups, event calendars, how-tos, specialist directories, and lots and lots of images for all you enthusiasts.

Stay tuned!

Australian Mustang and Ford Magazine website in progress.


Hollywood voted Orange!

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On the WaterfrontRockyThere will be bloodGodfather Part IIJackie BrownThe Blues brothersDirty HarryRobocopConvoy
Throughout August’s hazy summer nights, the Alamo Drafthouse and Levi’s® will be taking the Rolling Roadshow to the people under the unified banner of ‘We Are All Workers.’

Rooted by one of the nation’s founding principles, We Are All Workers hits the road with nine seminal screenings proving that everybody’s work is equally important. True to form, each screening will be in the location where the film was shot or set.

Inspired by the spirit of the American worker, the Alamo Drafthouse and Levi’s® have curated an eclectic line up that ranges from the the birth of the oil nation in Paul Thomas Anderson’s THERE WILL BE BLOOD to the futuristic corporate nightmare of Paul Verhoven’s ROBOCOP. Championship contenders are crowned and humbled as Sylvester Stallone embarks on an an epic ROCKY-THON on the Liberty Steps, while Marlon Brando is washed-up ON THE WATERFRONT of the New Jersey docks. Law breakers are saluted as DIRTY HARRY takes to San Francisco’s Washington Square Park, Quentin Tarantino with JACKIE BROWN (schedule permitting), and Chicago’s finest, THE BLUES BROTHERS tear their musical mission from God across the country. Closing out the Roadshow is the the defining immigrant worker story of THE GODFATHER: PART II which will screen from the rooftops and chimney stacks of New York’s Little Italy.
The American

And this is a new poster for The American. George Clooney stars in the title role of this suspense thriller, filmed on location in Italy.


Vote Orange

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Why should you vote Orange?

The Stimulus package

Tony Abbott believes that the stimulus package was a waste of money and didn’t help keep off the GFC. We know that just handing out money to people won’t make them buy your product or service!
At Avalanche all of our packaging is stimulating. We work with you to develop a highly desirable brand, which will bring you more business, and in turn help the Australian economy!

Broadband Policy

Both parties have opposing views when it comes to building a national broadband network worth billions of dollars, which will increase internet speeds and access to more than 90% of Australia.
But is your website ready to take advantage of these new potential customers?
Avalanche promise to build you a website that will boost your internet presence, can be found by search engines and that will act as your sales agent across the net!


Avalanche believe in healthy habits for life and have partnered with IGA and Sesame Street to produce an educational website for kids. http://www.igakidsclub.com.au And it didn’t blow the budget!

Work Choices

We’ll promise to cut stress taxes by up to 100% when you work with us. Avalanche can give you a wide choice of Studio.
We can handle every aspect of your brand from logo design, marketing promotions, publications, packaging design, and even web design. Without the hassle, leaving you time to run your own business empire. We also offer our own work choices, where you choose a budget and solution to suit you and your business.

An Orange vote is a vote for…

Brand Development

Logo design, Name creation, Domain registration, Branding, Brand marketing, Corporate identity design, Stationery & business card design, Company profile documents.

Creative Marketing Solutions

Digital Marketing, Electronic Brochures, Email Newsletters, Brochure design, Magazines, Annual reports & prospectus design, direct mail, Posters, Advertising campaigns, Press advertisements, Signs and exhibitions. Fresh and innovative ideas and solutions.

Packaging Design

Retail product development, Point of sale, Mockups, Merchandising, Gift packs, Point of purchase displays, Exhibition design, Environmental packaging, Print management, Photography, Illustrations and cartoon character design, 3D models.

Website Design, Development and Marketing

Digital Marketing, S.E.O, Website design, Hosting, WordPress – CMS, Flash animations, Domain name registration, web development, Flash scripting, Flash games, Digital Media, Marketing concepts, Online marketing & advertising.



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Should you Fire your Website?

So you employed a sales person who just isn’t bringing in the deals you were expecting, maybe they don’t always arrive on time or their appearance just seemed a little….. er… downbeat…. you would have something to tell them, wouldn’t you?
Maybe they are hard to find, even when you looked in all the usual places. Going to their home address, you discover that what they had to say was just a bit dull or even worse, there was a coming soon sign in the window…… well you would fire them…. wouldn’t you?

Your website is often the first point of contact with clients or customers. It needs to represent the very best aspects of your brand, product or service.
Take an objective, unbiased, good hard look at your website and imagine that it’s a person, an employee.

So how did that go? what would you say about your choice of representative? See any similarities to the person in this introduction?

Perhaps you chose your web designer based on price not experience. You wouldn’t hire a top sales person without first looking at their CV and results with other businesses…. would you?
It’s always a good idea to take time to look over a designers previous work and ask many questions about each project. At Fuel Studio, we offer a free 45min consultation to make sure that both parties are equally happy to have a long term working relationship.

Just like a great employee, your website is a long term commitment that needs to change and grow with your business, so you need to find a creative partner that understands your business almost as much as you do.

“We’re a bit like a great recruitment agency who go out of their way to find you that perfect key member of staff and then continue to train them so you get the very best from them” – Andy Warrington – Creative Director

A well designed and constructed website, works harder and longer than any staff member, at a fraction of the annual cost. Your initial investment needs to be adjusted, directed, updated and developed regularly to get the most back for it, Just like any good sales team.

So…. are you ready to fire your website?


FIA Sports Management

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FIA Sports Management Website

The new FIA Sports Management site has been launched! FIA are a global football talent management team that look after many famous and up and coming footballers from Australia and around the globe. With the likes of Carlos Hernandez and Melissa Barbieri in their ranks, they’ve sure proven their management skills.

They approached Avalanche to design a site that was clean, corporate and user friendly. To explain the wealth of services that they offer, we created five different sections to break down the information into bite sized information. Also included is a nifty little Player Profile wheel, which spins around to the player you’ve selected, then displaying all their credentials. Also includes easily updatable news section and links to youtube videos. :)

Fia Sports Management Talent Wheel

If you’re looking for someone to nurture your young one into super stardom, FIA Sports Management are the team for you ;p

Check out the whole site here:  http://www.fiasportsmanagement.com

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