Available at your local newsagents now!

Posted 10 November 2010 | Fuel Studio, Print Design, Projects | 0 comments

The first issue of the Avalanche Created ‘Australian Mustang & Ford Magazine’ is hot of the press and available at your local newsagents (if you local to Australia)

ErnMei worked as hard as a V8 super car to get this publication ready for the printers and on time for her month long trip to Japan. The results speak for themselves and the feedback from the readers has been fantastic!
Here are just a few of the comments left on http://mustang.org.au/forum/

I just got my copy, a great mag and some familiar cars too. I’ll be queuing up for the next issue.

Just got a copy today and have been glued to it for 3 hours, not a slow reader just don’t want it to end. My wife is wanting help to prepare for our boys party????????

Looks great. I have just gotten home with my copy and about to read it.

Definatly a good Mag though, I hope it is a success the guy behind it has put in some serious thought & effort in to make it happen. He deserves all the rewards that it will hopefully bring.
Cant wait for Issue no 2.

I’ve been to my news agent 3 times and they know nothing about it…I WANT 1…….. :cry:

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