Orger Engine Business Cards

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Orger Engines Business Cards

Just a quick post to show off Orger Engine’s new business cards! Keeping in line with the look and feel of the Orger branding, we’ve created these standard size business cards for Colin at Orger Engines. If you’d like some new business cards, letterheads or any other corporate stationery for your business,
give us a buzz on 03 9761 0122!


World Vision – Our newest family member.

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In response to ‘World Visions’ call for 10,000 sponsorships by 16th July, we decided to add another child to our Avalanche family.
The hardest part of the sponsorship process is choosing  one child over another, we wish we could have helped them all. With thousands of children to pick from, we refined our search by picking a child who shared the same date of birth as Fuel Studio Solutions (22nd December). By luck only one child shared this date and her name is ‘Angie’.

Angie was born in 2002 and comes from Honduras, her favourite subject at school is Mathematics. We would love to post her photo up on our blog, but for privacy and security reasons ‘World Vision’ don’t allow it. So you’ll have to take my word for it when I tell you how pretty and bright she is.

We plan to keep updating this post with her progress as and when we get information from her village. Sponsoring a ‘World Vision’ child is easy and hugely rewarding for everyone involved.


Victorian Bar News Issue 149

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Victorian Bar News 149

Last month, Fuel Studio were given the job of redesigning the Victorian Bar quarterly legal magazine. Distributed throughout The Victorian Bar, this 44 page magazine keeps its members up to date with current work issues and contains articles and ancedotes written by editorial staff and committee members. It’s actually quite an interesting read, even for those not in the legal field!

Judging from previous editions, we felt that what the magazine needed was a consistent visual voice – something that screamed ‘Vic Bar News’ from beginning to end.

sample spreads of VBN 149 Magazine Redesign

With the end reader in mind, we went about setting a grid foundation for the magazine. We felt that a two/four column grid would be the most flexible for article lengths and would provide the easiest line lengths for a consumer to read. Then, using a combination of bright colours and friendly fonts, we began to set up a style for laying out articles and a consistent way to treat images. What we created as a result was a brighter, friendlier magazine that was easy to navigate and read.

The result is definitely something everyone is proud of –  the Victorian Bar have a refreshed newsletter that has been well received by its members, and Fuel Studio have another great print job in the bag!



Seniors Coach Tours

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Seniors Coach Tours specialise in Australian coach tours for the over 60s, and organise tours from North to South of Australia as well as to New Zealand and Norfolk Island. With a growing clientele base and everchanging tour guide, Seniors Coach Tours needed a fresh new website that made it easy and simple for their clients to browse potential tours.

We started by recreating their logo, making it simpler and more flexible across different mediums. Then we redesigned the website from bottom up, making sure that each step was as simple and clear as possible.

– Calls to action are visible on every page encouraging clients to get in touch.
- Online Booking Form and Enquiry Form
- Interactive Tour Finder Map
- Online Tour Brochure (as a flip-book)
- Intergrated WordPress Blog

Check it out here!


What’s In It For Me?

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A client’s perspective of first contact with Fuel Studio….

The world of marketing and branding can be so, so daunting if it is not your “thing”. You know your product inside out, you know exactly who your market is, but you get stuck on how to bring the two together.

This was exactly my conundrum when I happened to come across Pete and Andy from Fuel Studio. Apart from being a couple of pretty nice likeable guys, they actually seemed to have a clue!

They actually listened!!

After listening (and I mean LISTENING, not listening) intently to my summary of what bought me to Avalanche, Andy immediately showed their clear understanding of my brand and what I wanted to achieve. They were also able to make some intelligent deductions about several other issues related to the achievement of my goals (which I hadn’t thought of..).

So far so good, tracking well. But the next bit took even me by surprise…

Ideas, ideas, ideas…

The creative ideas that they came up with in just the space of that 40 minute free consultation were impressive to say the least. Their ideas demonstrated their complete understanding of everything I had been saying, and they came up with unique, clever and cost-effective ideas. By this stage I was more excited about the future possibilities for my brand than I had been in a long time.

It was refreshing to have the ears (and minds!) of two objective professionals who gained an excellent insight into my marketing challenge.

Where to from here?

Of course no budget is unlimited so without any awkwardness we discussed my available budget and Pete & Andy went away to come up with a marketing communication plan filled with brilliant ideas that fit into my budget.

“If you need help with your branding or marketing communications strategy, I urge you to take up the opportunity of a free 40 minute consultation with Avalanche. Apart from 40 minutes of your time, you have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain. I certainly did….”
- Linda Ball – Cocolime


Growing a fertile partnership

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Avalanche has been building a great relationship with Plants Australia, a non-profit nursery  affiliation headquartered in Knoxfield, Victoria. Plants Australia came to the Avalanche team with a brief to develop their product catalogue, and for more than a year Avalanche has helped them produce an attractive and usable publication design. Avalanche and Plants Australia have developed a complimentary working relationship, combining effective design ideas with an informed perspective regarding product and industry knowledge. The Avalanche team has learnt a great deal about the nursery industry whilst being able to advise and educate Plants Australia on quality Studio.

A number of key principles were brought into play with the catalogue design. Consistency of design and brand prominence were achieved with a consistent look to banner headings as well as judicious placement of rich colour images of product items and clearly defined text denoting product names and prices. High quality images and logical layout of colour highlighted text represent a great improvement upon the design Plants Australia had been using originally.

Plants Australia Magazine

Plants Australia publishes their sixteen page catalogue five times a year, and the reader notices immediately exactly what horticultural or gardening products are available. Prices are easily recognizable as are product names, aiding the consumer in becoming familiar with stock characteristics and product range; and a seasonal thematic title – such as “Spring”, “Winter, etc – on the front page in large stylized lettering alerts the customer to purchasing opportunities. Brand recognition is reinforced on each page with the brand name signposted at the base of each page, superimposed on a red banner; and on the front of the brochure a clear brand banner is positioned at the top of the page.

The new design aims to give the Plants Australia brand prominence in the market. For brand recognition to work effectively consistency in design is paramount. This has been achieved by applying good design principles, producing an attractive marketing tool in the Plants Australia brochure. Balancing the need to convey relevant information on products with a visually appealing and readable layout was made possible with the joint efforts and complimentary relationship that has been fostered between Avalanche and Plants Australia.

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