New Avalanche iPhone Website!

Posted 31 March 2010 | Projects, Web design | 1 comment

Avalanche iPhone website

Good news guys!

The Fuel Studio website has been translated and optimised for iPhone! This means that you’ll be able to see all our latest work, blog and information in a iPhone friendly format. Check out our latest packaging design, web design, print design and all sorts of design work.

You can read about our staff, job opportunities, and what design services we offer. Take out your iphone and check it out!

www.Fuelcreative.com (If you’re on an iPhone, it will direct you to our mobile optimised site!)

If there are any bugs (hopefully not) please let us know by emailing us!


White Cleland Website

Posted 31 March 2010 | Projects, Web design | 0 comments

New White Cleland Website

Avalanche have recently finished a job for White Cleland lawyers based in Frankston and Melbourne City.
The new one is much easier to navigate, makes much more sense and is SEO friendly :D

White Cleland are a multidisciplinary law firm which have 4 distinct client bases – often unrelated to each other.
We decided to split the website into 4 distinct areas that were differentiated by colour, but unified in style.


Check it out and tell us what you think!


Preview of Tri-Fixx new packaging range!

Posted 16 March 2010 | Packaging, Projects | 0 comments

Sneak Peak at new packaging range for Tri-Fixx

Avalanche have recently been working on a new range of packaging for Tri-Fixx! Tri-Fixx are an established trade supplies company specialising in pop rivets and fixings for the building industry.

Avalanche helped work the Tri-Fixx brand across multiple packaging die-lines to provide a strong and consistent shelf presence! The silver ‘wave’ you see will be printed in a special silver ink, which will definitely give the box a bit of a colour ‘lift’!

**More to come soon**


Orger Engines Website

Posted 16 March 2010 | Web design | 0 comments

New Website Design for Orger Engines

As promised, our latest website design for Orger Engines. Earlier we showed you the business cards but we’re happy to announce the launch of ORGER ENGINES! Themed in chrome and Ford blue it gives lots of eye candy and relevant information for car buffs.

Orger is one of Melbourne’s longest-running and most trusted engine reconditioning specialists. They are passionate about restoring and maintaining new, vintage and classic engines with their highly skilled and experienced team in Bayswater.

For their website we used WordPress as our Content Management System making it easy for the team at Orger engines to update the website themselves.


How your Branding works for your business.

Posted 08 March 2010 | Brand development, Branding | 0 comments

Great branding can be the very reason why clients and customers prefer doing business with you, over your competitors. Your brand encapsulates your companies values, personality, attributes and characteristics.
It tells the enquiring prospect who you are, what you do, who you do it for as well as what makes you different from the rest. In essence your brand should act as an attractor and filter to help you do business with the style of customers who will be good for your business.


Rosella Packaging

Posted 04 March 2010 | Branding, Packaging, Projects | 0 comments

Rosella Packaging for the Linen press

Our good friends at the Linen Press have given us another packaging job to do after the success of our last range (The Kangaroo and the Koala range). This time it was time to package and brand the Australian Rosella.

The Australian Rosella is a species of colourful Australian parrots that live in forests, parks and gardens. They eat seeds and fruit and quite a hit with the locals and visitors alike!

As this is another souvenir range, we decided to package the range as a luscious gift parcel – stamps, strings, ribbons and postmarks are used to give the range a ‘lovingly packaged’ flavour, wrapped by a distant relative and sent all the way to your doorstep.

We scanned in some old postcards and lifted little lines and markings from worn paper to give the range a natural feel but kept it light and colourful to keep it fresh. Upon opening the package you will discover a lovely gingham print with some more information on the rosella. We’ve embossed the rosella to give it depth and used lashings of Spot UV Varnish to really bring out the highlights in this packaging.

This range contains wild rosella fruit extract and it smells delicious!! We hope you like!

Design: Ern-Mei Lee, Client: The Linen Press


Classic Rods

Posted 04 March 2010 | Branding, Projects | 0 comments


Recently we created a logo for Classic Rods. They are a niche engineering company specialising in creating custom billet rods for classic cars (Specialised parts for classic car engines).

We created a versatile logo that referenced classic type and themes as well as incorporating the shape of their product in the logo. Secondary elements to the logo include a subtle shiny red ‘car body’ background. In a nifty trick, the logo can also be shortened to it’s initials (CR) by taking the last ‘C’ in Classic and the ‘R’ in Rods, allowing us two sizes of the logos.

Website to be developed soon!

Client: Classic Rods /Auger Engines | Logo Design: Andy Warrington


The Worlds first Hybrid Bus!

Posted 02 March 2010 | Fuel Studio, Marketing | 0 comments

When Avalanche got involved with the ‘Hybrid electric bus’ project via the ‘Department of Sustainability’ early 2009, where we were asked to produce an awareness campaign for the first trials of the technology in Australia.
Ventura, who were pioneering this new green, clean innovation, loved the promotional material so much that they contacted us to produce an exclusive marketing campaign for Ventura Buses.


The Worlds first Hybrid Bus

The working title ‘The Worlds first Hybrid Bus’ was our creative starting point, and although we were going to be recycling the battery image, the overall style of communication or voice, had to be more exciting and prompt the imagination.

On a creative level, the word ‘Hybrid’ conjures up an image of a strange cross breeding experiment. An exciting chimera from a sideshow tent.

“Roll up, roll up…. come and see the Worlds first Hybrid Bus. Wonder at it amazing electric powers. Be the first to ride this fantastic breakthrough in technology and the environment…”

Visually we went with the image of a weathered sideshow advertising poster, using dynamic Victorian poster typography. Creating an A3 poster and internal cabin decal posters to encourage passengers to ride the ‘The Worlds first Hybrid Bus’ and a call to action to come and visit the website to discover more.
We created an online virtual book using a Flash based flip book with great page turning transitions. The book explained how the technology worked in a very visually interesting way. Our recommendation has been to produce a printed version for secondary schools, so watch this space.

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