Australia’s first Hybrid-Electric buses launched.

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Fuel Studio, together with the Department of Sustainability, Grenda and Ventura Buslines, have been working really hard to bring you the new hybrid electric buses! There are two of them, one for Ventura and one for Grenda, both using different Hybrid-Electric technology. These are the first of their kind in Australia and are part of the Government’s plan to increase the use of low emission vehicles.

A big party was thrown at Essendon Airport earlier this year to mark the launch and was met with much support and press coverage (yay!)

From the press release:
“It is estimated this hybrid-electric technology will provide a saving of around 20 per cent on fuel and greenhouse gas emissions compared to a conventional diesel bus.”

Grenda Corporation will trial a hybrid bus along its 900 route from Stud Park to Caulfield while Ventura Buses will conduct a trial along its 250 route from Garden City to La Trobe University.

Ernie saw the bus for the first time when she was scootering down Princes Hwy last weekend! Looks good!


We are currently looking for….

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A nice hot cup of tea!


Syron Electronics

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Syron Website

Syron is an Australian owned company producing an extensive range of electronic products from computer peripherals, security cameras, home entertainment products and MP3 players. Currently, many of their products are sourced from China, but their aim is to move their production unit from China to Australia to support the local economy and to invest in the Australian manufacturing industry. To do this, they’re hoping to sell a certain number of MP3 players to raise the funds to bring their business back into Australia.

Avalanche were asked to help put together a website for their MP3 players. We created a youthful & energetic layout which features a 3D revolving MP3 Player. The little interactive has the ability to swivel 360° and change colours & models. Check it out and have a go yourselves!

The cool thing about Syron MP3 players are their plug and play ability. No extra software required. Also, they come preloaded with music from Australian bands and artists! A great way for you to discover new music and a great way for bands to generate some extra income. If you’re a musician, you can apply to have your music on a Syron MP3 player too!


Design: Andy Warrington & Ern-Mei Lee • Coding: John Gardner

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