Win the Best Holiday

Posted 25 August 2009 | Branding, Fuel Studio, Projects, Web design | 1 comment

Australian Rain Forest Brand identity

Fuel Studio recently partnered with the Australian Rainforest Foundation to develop a viral marketing campaign and design a website for the ‘Win the Best Holiday’ campaign.

The Australian Rainforest Foundation (ARF) are a not for profit foundation aimed at protecting Australian Rainforests, including the world’s oldest and heritage listed rainforest – the Daintree Rainforest – which is home to countless species of flora and fauna, some which are only found in the Daintree. The ARF are also campaigning to save the very weird looking ‘cassowary’, a bright and colourful looking cousin of the emu. It’s survival is instrumental to the conservation of the Daintree as it acts as a seed disperser by eating Daintree fruits and leaving seed-rich droppings on its travels.

Australian Rainforest foundation website design

For just a $10 contribution, you could help protect 10 square metres of our precious rainforest. Yes, it’s tax deductible and as a bonus, many Queensland companies have sponsored the campaign by offering the trip of a lifetime. So for every $10 you contribute, you get one entry to win the grand prize (it’s worth up to $15k!!)

So please support the Australian Rainforest Foundation by donating today!

Design: Andy, EM, Uli, John.


New Blood in the Studio

Posted 01 August 2009 | Random | 1 comment

Kate Gordes Ulrike

We have Kate from Chisolm Tafe on work experience, Left and Ulrike, a freelancer from Germany! Right Come say hi!

Regarding Work Experience:
Occasionally we do take work experience students from various colleges. As much as we’d like to, we can’t take on board every student due to the number of enquiries + space/work/time constraints… but if you call at the right time.. you could be the next kate
Freelancing: We’re always interested in freelancers, especially if you can code!! If you’ve got experience in XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash, PHP, database management etc etc etc, we’d be interested to see your resume!

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