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Fact: In each year an estimated amount of 36,700 tons of plastic bags alone end up in Australian landfills, not including those that become part of the litter stream. It’s known that they may take as long as 1000 years to break down.

becausewecare™ has a simple, convenient and environmentally sound answer in the form of a range of plastic like materials – Bioplastics – made from organic plant materials. The basic component is corn starch and you can’t tell the difference between our Bioplastic products and those made from petrochemicals. Better still, in a compost environment they break down within 45 days – about the same time as a dry leaf.

Fuel Studio has worked closely with becausewecare to develop an identity and voice for the company. We’re committed to fostering a cleaner environment for future generations (Andy’s a grandfather after all!) and like they say: “Together we can make a difference”

Find out more at www.becausewecare.com.au or www.naturegirl.com.au or www.banthebag.com.au

Logo Design: Andy Warrington | Web Design: Andy Warrington

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