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Avalanche’s brainchild – the MyLife Digibook – Archival quality storage solution available in 6 different colours and styles~

Whenever we think of archiving photos or art, we often request materials that are acid-free and of archival quality, guaranteed to last at least 100 years. But what about those digital files and photos? You know, the ones we just burn onto the first blank CD or DVD that we can find lying around. Sure, you’ve been warned to back-up your files many times, but have you considered the quality of the media you’ve backed up your work on?

Unfortunately, not all CDs and DVDs are the same. Some CDs and DVDs only have a shelf life of 10 years, while others are guaranteed stable for 70 – 100 + years. Big difference, isn’t it? The CD/DVDs that we burn on our own computer don’t last anywhere near as long as commercially made CDs (think your artist’s favourite album) and unfortunately that includes the photos we burnt to disc in an attempt to preserve. Using high-grade archival discs instead can preserve those precious family photos or work files for years to come. They are a lot more expensive than that big 50 pack you got at officeworks for $10, but they are worth it.

Fuel Studio initiated DigiBooks – the new way to securely store & protect your digital photos. Not only do they contain 5 Archival CDs or DVDs guaranteed for 60 -100 years (depending on which pack you buy), but they are beautifully packaged in an e-book. You could buy an archival CD for $5, or you could get them cheaper in our digibooks! (And they look really good!)

Client: MyLife Digibook | Developed by: Andy and Pete

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