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The IGA Kids Club website started over two years ago as a proposal to the Victoria state IGA / Metcash marketing heads. The proposal was put on the back burner, but we did get the opportunity to produce a flash game for the national site (this was little more than a few links at this stage) We created a version of a much loved classic ‘Space invaders‘ we called it ‘Fruit invaders’.
I can remember spending all my pocket money on summer on the original game, at a dark games arcade!

In March 08, we were asked to pitch for a national ‘Kids Club’ website (against about 8 other studios) So we spent some time working out our offer and Studio and finally won the project.
The site is currently at the end of phase 1 and has attracted over 17,000 new signed up members since August 08 (not bad going in less than 2 months) The creative shopping list was sent over last week, so phase 2 will be hitting the Avalanche desks very soon.

Watch this space for updates.


The Victorian Bar Annual Report

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The Victorian Bar Annual Report 2008

The Victorian Bar Annual Report 2008

The Victorian Bar is an association of barristers supporting the general public as well as their own members in independent legal representation (and more!).

We wanted to move away from previous annual reports, which were at best, pages upon pages of text with no imagery or hierarchy. As annual reports are important marketing tools for future investors, we needed to up the ante a little. General Manager Stephen Hare strongly agreed and his constant lobbying to his marketing team paid off with them allowing us to take a step in the right direction.

Using strong images, bold headings, and a clear san-serif type we were able to make a great looking publication that looked clean, modern and easily digestible. The idea was not to modernise the publication straightaway but to gradually bring it up to speed.

To break up the information, we colour-coded different sections of the publication. We used bold strips of colour to highlight information & quotes, and used The Victorian Bar’s corporate colours to tie it all together.

Printed on A4 Monza Satin Recycled stock, perfect bound. Pete, as always, was exceptional with his customer service and print managing end. Not only was he constantly on the phone with Stephen (more times than he called his wife!) but NOTHING goes out to the client unless Pete’s happy with the print quality and finishing.

Rave reviews from all at The Victorian Bar! :)



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Your intellectual property portal.

White Cleland are in the process of establishing a new business venture, a central feature of which will be Intellectual Property – one part being a web-based Intellectual Property portal or market place (akin to an eBay for IP assets), and the other part an IP asset accumulating entity. The name they have decided on is ‘entangent’

Mary-Ann van Ballekom (Registered Trade Marks Attorney) among other things, is fabulous to work with and has a wicked sense of humour. Mary-Ann had some creative input initially and had a go at the logo using ‘Word’ (not sure I would like to represent myself in court…. if you get my meaning) the suggestion was for a Cog or cogs and money symbols (mmmmm!)

“I have many talents, most of them very well hidden, even from me” - Mary-Ann

White Cleland are a relaxed, confident, approachable, modern and highly professional law firm. The logo Avalanche created for ‘entangent’ reflected this style of business as well as clearly being an online service. The soft edged ‘cog’ encapsulates the lower case ‘e‘ (ecommerce, entangent, as well as the suggestion of the copyright symbol).

Client: White Cleland | Design: Andy Warrington


Bynorm…. it’s a great day to be in the garden!

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Bynorm sell a massive range of gardening supplies for both the retail and trade market. This as you can see is the CONTRACTORS CHOICE!

We looked at this project with the end user in mind… they don’t potter around the garden to relax. This is their day job and they need tools to do the job professionally, so we created a ‘Hoon’ style muscle car badge (extra chrome gloss and go faster blue Kevlar mesh behind the text).


Nissarana Galleries

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Recently Fuel Studio completed the branding for Nissarana Galleries, a niche gallery dedicated to large-scale photography work by renowned photographer Phillip Ayres. Philip Ayres has been a professional photographer for over 30 years with a career spanning over landscape, editorial and portrait work.

Nissarana, meaning “Freedom” in Sanscript, is a gallery showcasing Philip Ayres’ photography from his travels through the Far East.

Working in collaboration with the client, we felt that the ideal treatment would be a non-corporate, mature & hand drawn style, drawing on deep and rich colours from the East. We wanted to express experiences of travelling through culture-rich societies so different from our own.
After much research and experimentation, Ernie (Ern-Mei) took to the (digital) paintbrush with gusto, painting the words ‘Nissarana’ like it was afterschool lines. After the 4th or 5th page, we felt we were getting close. We researched colours, textures, imagery and words, and experimented with paints and inks and photography to see how we could bring it all together. In the end we decided on a beautiful watercolour image which captured the mood and the “story” that we wanted to tell.

Our client was delighted with the look and feel of the gallery, and are looking forward to their launch.

If you would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact us to see what we can do for you.

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