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Posted 21 August 2008 | Branding, Fuel Studio, Web design | 0 comments


‘Plain English’ Accounting and Taxation information is something we all need. Unfortunately, important selling points like these can often be overlooked, or lost, in a confusing website. If you have something good to offer, make sure your visuals are reflective of your company vision.

With this in mind, Fuel Studio set off to redevelop the Canterbury Wealth Management website. They are a medium-sized financial planning firm located in Melbourne’s inner east. This was their first website and they wanted something that was clean, modern, and invitingly simple to use.

We don’t know about you, but just the thought of complicated tax laws and paperwork is enough to make our head spin! (Well, our account manager is unfazed, but the rest of us…). First impressions are often made by websites, so if you want current/potential clients to stick around, your website needs to be intuitive and dead easy to navigate.

We developed pages of visuals which were then lovingly hand-coded by John in XHTML and CSS. It contains flexible website layers, with an integrated contact form and searchable text. Coated in a classic grey, and finished off with iconic stones, we think this one’s a winner! Have a look for yourself > www.canterburywealth.com.au

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